StreetScapes Maintenance

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Ensure your property is open for business with exterior maintenance services. Services include pressure washing, hot water power washing, litter removal, graffiti removal, and wipe-downs of exterior surfaces, plus free on-call services for emergencies. Rates based on specific property requirements.

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A simple process to a clean, safe, & well maintained property

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Step 1

Submit a form on our site and let us know the details of the service you are requesting.

Step 2

One of our team members will get back to you with a quote or schedule an onsite walk-through to obtain more details of your request to accurately quote.

Step 3

Schedule a time and date to have our team begin services.

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Why choose us?

Eco Friendly - Landscaper X Webflow Template
Eco Friendly

We are committed to production methods and using tools that are better for the environment and create less waste.

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We place a high demand of importance in creating a safe and fair work environment for all of our employees and customers.

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We accommodate our timelines of our services to accommodate to customer needs and schedules.

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We use commercial equipment on all services to efficiently complete services in a timely manner.

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Fair Pricing

Our pricing is quoted after a detailed survey of service needs, either through a phone call or walk-through.

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We go beyond average. We take pride in our work and value all of customers.